By: J. Lima
Cartoonist and creator of Factory Drawings publisher and studio.

caminho das pedras cartum lapis cor way cartoon jlima

I received an email from a girl, she was asking me for help because she knew her boyfriend’s talent for drawing but did not know how to help. I thought a lot, and below you’ll find the answer I gave her. I hope to serve others, who like me, really struggled to find “way”:

1 – One way to popularize their designs is to give some function to them for people to use. For example: Christmas messages to draw people to send by email (free) subscription and site contact the artist. So, are the best known and others will be in contact to ask for custom jobs and paid. We do this a lot for disclosure and works very well.

2 – Attend Salons Humor and Drawing Contests, search the internet and have always work on the themes, and capriche! The prizes are always in cash, which helps a lot in the box, beyond the artist get known, even when not winning, just getting among the best.

3 – Another tip is to create characters and logs them in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro for Brazilian artists (site: * Look for the organ responsible in your country.
After creating and recording work in spreading: Drawing strips, scenes, themes, publish comics, t-shirts, create sites or blogs for them … According to his biography, was so Maurício de Souza started (and he had no internet at the time, sent by mail to owners of newspapers, and all for free).

This is the “way” that I’m walking a little more than 10 years as a cartoonist … I hope it helped!

Believe me: on this path, as a cartoonist and loving what I do, even the stones that help to walk more!

Hugs and good luck!
Note: forgive me my simple English.

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